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Kris An Charles Investments Company Limited has been the leading micro financing organization since 1992. Our primary objective is the provision of quick hassle-free loans.

Kris An Charles Investments is a member of the Jamaica Association for Micro Financing (JAMFIN) which is dedicated to supporting the development of the micro enterprise sector as a key player in national economic development through the provision of accessible, appropriate and timely financing, training and business development services to individuals and enterprises. Kris An Charles Investments is also a member of The Private Sector Organization of Jamaica (PSOJ) as well as the Jamaica Employers Federation (JEF).

MISSION STATEMENT – It is our intention to operate our Micro Finance Institution to assist customers with or without banking security by providing quality service while granting quick convenient access to loans when needed most in a hassle-free professional business environment. We remain committed to our corporate social responsibility for the benefit of all.

VISION STATEMENT – This Micro Finance Institution will be the number one widely recognized institution in Jamaica, with business expansion we will be able to broaden access to personal loans thus enabling more individuals to meet their needs and maintain our duty to help people. We continuously find quick innovative ways to surpass our customer’s expectations while accentuating our values and standards, and increasing net worth and equity in a hassle-free courteous environment.

VALUES – Values provide a guide for our conduct and behavior and instruct us on how to treat customers so they know that we are in the business of helping them. They also highlight how important they are to the overall success of the institution. These values are demonstrated during all interactions.

  • Reliability – We can be trusted to process your loans in a quick and efficient manner for you to conduct your business on time.
  • Honesty – We exhibit sincerity always when interacting with others.
  • Confidentiality – We ensure at all times that your information given to us remains with us.
  • Respect – We have the highest regard for all our customers because we know and understand the importance of their personal needs.
Our Loan Products:

“Come in, get a loan, drive out”

The newest of our suite of products is our Auto Loan financing. As with all our products we have maintained the concept of hassle-free processing with our auto loans.

“Your Avenue for Education Financing”

Despite the high cost of living the Edu-Path Loan will guarantee you the achievement of your educational goals while comfortably repaying the debt. Text Loan to 838-9028 for additional information.

You are eligible for our personal loans if you are employed to a Kris An Charles approved company for at least one year, with the ability to repay via salary deduction or via arrangements facilitated by your commercial bank. Text Loan to 838-9028 for additional information.

“If you believe in your business we’ll finance it”

Kris An Charles’ business loans are available to persons who own businesses. Eligible entrepreneurs include barbers, hairdressers, restaurants, bars, shops and transport operators. Text Loan to 838-8534 for additional information.

Text loan to 838-9028 for information on how we can help you ease that burden.

Text loan to 838-9028 for information on how we can help you ease that burden.

Text loan to 838-9028 for information on how we can help you ease that burden.

Have an outstanding balance on your credit card accumulating interest? Text loan to 838-9028 for information on how we can help you ease that burden.

  1. Mobile Loan Processing
  2. Telephone Loan Processing

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