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Kris An Charles Investments offers many loans for any occasion. From auto to emergency, we’ve got the loans you need to finance for the important things in your life. We have maintained the concept of hassle-free processing with all of our loans to best serve our customers.

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Auto Loan

The newest of our list of products is our auto loan financing. As with all our products we have maintained the concept of hassle-free processing with our auto loans.

Edu-Path Loan

Despite the high cost of living the Edu Path Loan Advance will guarantee you the achievement of your educational goals and aspirations.

Personal Loan

Our personal loan is eligible for individuals employed at a Kris An Charles’ approved company for at least one year, with the ability to repay via salary deduction or through the bank.

Micro-Business Loan

Kris An Charles’ business loans are available to persons who have their own business / company. This includes: barbers, hairdressers, restaurants, bars, shops and taxi drivers, and more.

General Expense Loan

Unexpected emergencies are just that: unexpected. Our aim at Kris An Charles’ is to assist you with managing those unplanned emergencies.

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