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Debt Consolidation Loan

Rein in your expenses and stabilize your debt.

With our tailored debt consolidation loan, we will combine all your loans thus creating one loan with one affordable reduced monthly payment.

The Kris An Charles debt consolidation loan offers up to 5 years to repay and increases your disposable income thus reducing your monthly debt burden.

  1. Valid Government issued ID (also required for guarantors)
  2. T.R.N
  3. Two passport sized photographs
  4. Proof of address (also required for guarantors)
  5. Last two (2) pay slips (also required for guarantors)
  6. Job letter

One (1) or two (2) guarantors may be required depending on the loan amount. Guarantors must be employed for at least one (1) year at the same company as the applicant.

If your company does not do salary deduction and your salary is paid directly into a bank account an updated bank book or account statement is required (also required to guarantors).

Call us today… Ease your monthly debt burden.

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