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Edu-Path Loan

Your avenue for guaranteed education financing

Despite the high cost of living the Kris An Charles Edu-Path Loan offers you the ability to finance the pursuit of your educational goals and aspirations for yourself or your children.

You are eligible for a Kris An Charles Loan if you are employed to a Kris An Charles approved employer for at least one year.

Edu-Path loan is a quick, cost effective loan option structured to provide financing for graduate studies.

  1. School fee or uniform financing
  2. Assistance in purchasing school books and stationery
  3. Payment for examination fees
  4. Financing for other related expenses
  • Valid Government issued ID (also required for guarantors)
  • TRN
  • Two passport sized photographs
  • Proof of address (also required for guarantors)
    • Utility bill (must be in borrower’s name and should not be over 3 months old)
    • Statement from banking institution
    • Letter from JP
    • Lease or rental agreement (must be current)
  • Last two (2) pay slips (also required for guarantors)
  • Job letter
Select currency ($1US = 141.25 JA)
JMD Jamaican dollar